Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 17/09/12

3D printed veins, a GoPro survives a 12,500 foot fall, and a US$25,000 gaming pod – meow

Pump up the volume – 3D printed veins

Hose pipes, protective casing – tubing has always been cheap to produce, so why should our veins be any different? Thanks to a 3D printing breakthrough at San Diego University, they no longer are. Using lasers and mirrors, researchers have managed to harden photo-sensitive biological polymers one layer at a time. All you need is some biocompatible hydrogels, oh, and for this to be produced somewhere outside of a test lab. Office Cat looks forward to his cyborg future.


Free Wi-Fi for Game visitors

As video gamers buy more and more of their chosen entertainment online, brick and mortar stores are trying to find ways to entice the punters in. Game has decided that if you can't beat them, join them – offering up free BT Wi-Fi in their 341 UK shops. Office Cat wonders how many punters will use the Wi-Fi to check the prices at Game's online rivals – still, the Game app, downloaded via QR code, should keep them in Game's clutches with its mix of news and reviews.

GoPro survives 12,500ft drop

Office Cat always lands on his feet, but a 12,500ft drop worries even him. This GoPro fell from that height, minus its protective casing, and survived to show this video.



iExpander adds microSD support to iPhone 4S

Want to double the battery life of your iPhone 4S, improve its photos with an extra LED flash and add microSD card support to it? Office Cat does, so he's delighted to see the iExpander Kickstarter project, which does all of that in one case. And since it's a Kickstarter project it may even be updated to fit the new iPhone 5 by the time it’s made. US$70 (£43) seems a fair price to pay.


Simpod 1 puts you in the game

The idea of getting inside a container usually means a jab-filled trip to the vet for Office Cat. Happily, the Simpod 1 is more concerned with injecting entertainment into your life. The gaming rig includes a D-Box that supports up to 55in screens, optional custom branding, and the ability to work with flying and driving simulations. A totally justifiable way to spend US$25,000 (£15,400).



Obsidian’s RPG hits US$1.1m in 24 hours on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has given a boost to RPG Project Eternity – it reached its US$1.1m goal in just one day. Buoyed by the success of Obsidian's Kickstarter campaign, Office Cat is planning his own RPG based around his life. Sleeping increased to 55.



Video points to glitches of A Digital Tomorrow

Science fiction promises us a shiny future of tech wonders, like self-cleaning litter trays and automatic cocktail mixers. But this great concept video points out that the tech of the future is likely to have just as many glitches as present-day gadgets do.


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