Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 17/08/12

Dyson sucks better than ever, Amazon deliveries improve, and lighthouses tweet – Office Cat goes on the hunt for the best of the news

Office Cat isn’t ashamed of molting, it’s natural, but he doesn't like cat hair covering every surface. Fortunately, the solution has arrived in the form of Dyson’s latest Digital Slim vacuum cleaner – the cordless DC44. The 2.3kg DC44 has a 20-minute runtime with 8-minute boost suction setting, plus a wand that reaches from floor to ceiling. Office Cat has no idea how he got cat hairs up there.

Source: Dyson

Dyson Digital Slim sucks, in a good way

Office Cat hates it when he misses his monthly supply of catnip, only to discover a missed delivery note on the doormat. That’s probably the main reason Amazon is now delivering packages to 5000 local shops in the UK. That means you can stop in on your way home and pick up deliveries – and return items using them, too. Office Cat thanks Amazon for his untroubled lie-in.

Source: Telegraph

Amazon delivers to local shops

Students in Denmark have built a gadget that translates tweets into pulses of Morse Code, broadcasting using lighthouses to connect two Copenhagen harbours. As a feline of few words, Office Cat approves.

Source: DesignBoom

Office Cat always gets distracted by wires and ends up playing with them. So the new Boombero phone speaker is perfect for keeping him focused. It uses Near Field Audio tech to do away with wires and syncing altogether – just pop your phone on top and it'll amplify the audio automatically. It definitely earns a place alongside our best travel speakers – snap it up in black or white for £45.

Source: Oregonscientific

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