Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 17/07/12

Microsoft shows off Office 2013, the BBC shoots in Super Hi-Vision, and Batman gets a golf buggy. Office Cat ponders the news

Microsoft reveals Office 2013

Some say Office Cat is named after Microsoft Office, but that's ridiculous – he does all his writing on an old Olivetti typewriter. The arrival of Microsoft Office 2013 might change that, though – it's optimised for Windows 8's Metro interface, and will play nice with PC and tablet devices like the Surface. New features include the ability to edit PDFs in Word and embed YouTube clips into documents, while Skype will be added directly into Office 2013. Now, if Office Cat could just get his paws on a Surface tablet

Source: T3

BBC shoots Super Hi-Vision Olympics film

HD? 3D? Pah. It's all about Super Hi-Vision now, and the BBC's just finished shooting a special Olympics film to trial the format. The film – shot at 16 times the resolution of HD – features iconic London landmarks like Tower Bridge. It's screening in Bradford, London and Glasgow. Or you could buy one of these TVs. Office Cat's old telly is looking decidedly antiquated.

Source: BBC Internet Blog (via 3D Focus)

Office Cat's Facebook account is an unending stream of baby photos and SimCity Social requests – and it looks like you aren't too happy about the social network either. A new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index reveals that Facebook scored 66 out of 100 in its rating system. Good news for Google though – Google+ managed 78 out of 100.

Source: Wired

Google Street View at the South Pole

Office Cat's something of an armchair explorer, so he's delighted at the news that Google has added Street Video to Antarctica. Well, not Street View exactly – there aren't any streets – but Google's added 360 degree camera shots of historic Antarctic locations (like Shackleton's hut) to Google Maps and its World Wonders site.

Source: Google Lat Long Blog (via The Next Web)

Office Cat can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises to come out – well, it has Catwoman in it, after all. This Batmobile golf cart mod will certainly raise some eyebrows at the golf course. Or, indeed, anywhere.

Source: reddit (via Jalopnik)

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