Stuff Office Cat's Diary 17/01/13

HTC's second 4G phone gets priced, games go free and someone makes another stupid USB drive

PlayStation Mobile giving away a free game every week

Free stuff is great, and if you’re one of the people that uses Sony’s PlayStation Mobile service (Office Cat believes there are at least four of you out there) you can get lots of it: one free game every week for the next six weeks, in fact. The first title is Samurai Beatdown and others will be revealed as the offers runs on.

Source: The Inquirer

The HTC One SV is the Taiwanese company’s second 4G LTE phone to launch in the UK, and EE has just released details of the 4G tariffs, all of which are for 24-month contracts and offer both unlimited minutes and texts. 500MB of data will set you back £36 a month, while £41, £46, £51 and £56 will get you 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and 8GB of data respectively.

Source: Recombu

4G HTC One SV names its price(s)

The Motorola RAZR i, an Android smartphone Office Cat’s human minions apparently liked quite a lot (read their review) is now available in white. It makes quite the change to its Kevlar-heavy looks, don’t you think? It’s available now at Phones4U, and will roll out to other retailers from 1st February.

Not content with replacing the venerable Windows Live Messenger IM service, Skype is poised to oust Xbox Live Messenger, according to a new rumour. Microsoft, having paid a princely US$8.5 billion for Skype back in 2011, is apparently looking to make it the main messaging app across all its major platforms.

Source: Eurogamer

Motorola RAZR i turns a whiter shade of pale

Office Cat thought yesterday’s vibrator-with-USB-drive was the silliest (and grossest) USB gadget you humans could have possibly come up, but he was wrong (had to happen sooner or later): someone has squeezed a thumb drive into the handle of a full-sized shovel. This doesn’t really require any other explanation. Office Cat is going back to sleep now.

Source: BuzzFeed

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