Stuff Office Cat's diary 16/11/12

Bird stalking, virtual raving and video mixing all come together for today's feline diary

Mix master

Budding beat forgers can now get in on some video mixing action, thanks to Algoriddim's new iPhone version of its vjay app which'll let you mashup videos taken with your iPhone 5, 4S and iPod Touch. A few soundtrack tweaks and special effects additions later and you'll have yourselves a portable masterpiece. Head on over to the App Store, drop 69p and let your creative juices flow forth.

Virtual rave

Office Cat enjoys a rave every now and again. The music relaxes him and he's partial to batting around neon glowstick or two. Sony and Hed Kandi's collaborative Under A Desert Sky event in Dubai however is a little out of his price range, but he still can join in on the fun virtually via PlayStation Home from November 30th at 8pm. Assuming his female avatar isn't harassed by a horde of inquisitive virtual dancers that is.

Tweety's ready for his closeup

Budding naturists might want to chck out this Kickstarter project which aims to let you stream and remotely take detailed close up shots of any birds that happen to stroll by. Simply slide in your iPhone into the secure aluminium compartment, and let the built-in macro lens do its work. Very useful for avian enthusiasts and hungry felines alike.

Source: Designboom

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