Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 16/10/12

Dancing with tablets and a robot called Ray. It’s all in a day’s work for Stuff’s resident feline

Microsoft Surface ad surfaces

Were you not sure where Microsoft’s Surface was going to fit into your life? According to this ad Office Cat spotted on YouTube, it’s all about synchronised tableteering. A future sport in the tech Olympics?

Source: YouTube (via Engadget)

New Xbox Live dashboard

Talking of Microsoft (and who isn’t at the moment?), that new Xbox Live dashboard that’s been in public beta since July is going all the way today. Office Cat sees the ripple effect of Windows 8 design hitting yet another part of what Microsofters no doubt call their ‘ecosystem’.

Source: The Verge

Office Cat’s a big fan of streaming movies, less so of the sub-standard audio on the soundtrack. Knowhow – launching today on a bunch of Samsung and LG Smart TVs – has Dolby Digital Plus for 5.1 channel sound. Music to Office Cat’s pointy ears.

Samsung Roboray robot

Office Cat is well acquainted with Samsung’s various product lines, from tablets to microwaves to air-conditioning units. He wasn’t aware, however, that it was building robots until he spotted Roboray (no joke), shown off in Portugal last week. If you ask him, Office Cat reckons the Koreans could be doing the briefcase tango with Honda’s lawyers next.

Source: Gizmag

Panasonic HXD Series headphones announced

Not having had a set in his paws yet, Office Cat can’t vouch for the quality of Panasonic’s new HXD3 and HXD5 headphones. He hopes for the sake of Panasonic’s reputation (and ears everywhere) they’ll be better than the photography Panny sent through with its release. It looks like a still from the episode of Eastenders directed by the Teletubbies crew.

Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi webcam

It’s not often Office Cat sees a webcam that makes him feel hot under the collar, but Logitech’s Broadcaster Wi-Fi webcam certainly made his fur prickle. That lust was short-lived, mind – the cam’s going on sale for £160.

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