Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 16/07/12

Google’s Street View takes a hike, someone sparks the bigger Kindle Fire rumour and Yoda (literally) folds. Office Cat chews it over

Bigger Kindle Fire rumoured

Ah, the sweet smell of rumours. Today’s favourite is a larger Amazon Kindle Fire designed to take on the iPad. Meanwhile, those dogged rumours of Apple building a 7.85in iPad Mini persist. Although Office Cat notes the usual lack of a reliable source (NYT cites “several people with knowledge of the project who declined to be named discussing confidential plans”), he likes to see a good fight brewing. Even if it is an imaginary one.

Source: New York Times

Office Cat likes the silly season of summer when no one launches anything. It gives him more time to curl up and doze. Course, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how much more coverage companies could get by launching products in July rather than, say, at CES. Will they never learn?

US National Parks hit Street View

An administrative bodge means Office Cat can’t get away this summer, so he’s heartened to see Google adding five of the US’s stunning National Parks to Street View. That means we’ll all be able to take a virtual tour of America’s natural wonders from home. Except the chaps at Google, who ought to be busy trying to think up a more suitable name for the service; last time Office Cat checked, Joshua Tree National Park didn’t have any streets.

Source: Google

Adidas miCoach for Xbox 360 and PS3

The appearance of an Adidas miCoach title for Xbox 360 and PS3 is yet more proof that the forthcoming 2012 Olympics are going to our heads. With 400 exercises that tie in to your console’s motion sensing tech or miCoach hardware, it sounds like it could be just as much hard work too. Although at £21, Office Cat can’t help but feel it’s a relative bargain for those who think getting sweaty is fun.

Source: Amazon

Office Cat doesn’t do awards, but if he did one for origami this 7cm tall paper Yoda would win it hands-down. Folds easily it does not, he thinks, if opposable thumbs one does not have.

Source: Inhabitat (via Engadget)

iPhone dock connector

At a party over the weekend, Office Cat bumped into an old friend. Said friend is professionally involved with Apple at a high level and intimated guardedly that the company is indeed changing the size of the dock connector on iPhones and iPads this year. Office Cat’s eBay account is now awash with soon-to-be-outdated accessories. Do bid.

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