Stuff Office Cat's diary – 15/10/12

Lego wheelchairs, earth-plummeting daredevils and a sprinkling of tech news make up today's feline-infused diary

Not Safe For Lunch

Felix Baumgartner's body suit camera footage has hit the interwebs and gives a mind-blowing insight into what the courageous daredevil was facing when he plumeted down to Earth from 120,000ft. Sit back and enjoy, though Office Cat wouldn't recommend eating anything while doing so. It gets a little shaky.

Source: LiveLeak

Raspberry Pi levels up

Fans of the little PC that could will be pleased to hear that all future models of the Raspberry Pi Model B will come packing 512MB of RAM among their circuits instead of the previous 256MB. Simultaneous cat videos, here we come.

Update: A little birdie has told Office Cat that the Raspberry Pi will be guaranteed to be in stock till January 2013, and orders received before 7pm will get the free delivery treatment. Tinkerers rejoice.

Source: Engadget

Lego wheelchair struts its stuff

Office Cat struggles with Lego, not having opposable thumbs. But one person who doesn't have that problem is Simon Burfield, whose electric Lego wheelchair creation houses seven microcomputers, has more than a dozen robotic wheels and can hold up to 200 pounds.

Source: Dvice

Triggertrap hits Android

The app and dongle which allows iOS users to control their camera via their iDevices has now hit Android, allowing the Google faithful to wield the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle and app to control their SLR cams. Features include including time-lapse and long exposure HDR modes for techie shutterbugs looking for their geek photography fix.

Source: Triggertrap

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