Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 15/08/12

Metal monsters, super-fast video and miniature Mini Coopers – Office Cat sniffs out the latest tech news

Office Cat likes to play with spiders, but he's not sure he'd want to tangle with this one. "Stompy," as it's affectionately known, is a 18ft-wide six-legged (yes, Office Cat is aware that spiders have eight legs) robot with a 135hp engine. Designed by Project Hexapod, it's already surpassed its US$65,000 funding goal on Kickstarter. If the creators raise US$300,000, they're planning to create a robot zoo.

Source: BBC

Giant robot spider gets Kickstarter funding

Office Cat enjoys streaming movies to his tablet – Puss in Boots is his favourite – so the news that a new High Efficiency Video Coding codec will make video downloads twice as quick has his whiskers twitching in anticipation. The HEVC codec uses half the internet bandwith required to download current high-quality MPEGs – processors that can download HEVC-encoded video should be hitting TVs, computers and mobile devices in the next year.

Source: TechRadar

Super-fast video downloads with HEVC

Office Cat doesn't drive a car – it's hard when you're only 10in tall – but he could get his paws behind the wheel of this little remote-controlled Mini Cooper S. Or rather, get his paws on his smartphone touchscreen, since the BeeWi Mini Cooper S is controlled using an app over Bluetooth. The car itself is available from Argos and John Lewis from £40, while you can get the BeeWi Control Pad app from the App Store, Google Play and Ovi Store.

With the likes of Instapaper stealing a march on Amazon's Send to Kindle service, Amazon's bigging up its own service with a new Chrome browser extension. The Send to Kindle Chrome app adds a little icon to your browser that will let you ping the content of any web page you're visiting to your Kindle to read later. Buttons for Safari and Firefox are reportedly on their way. Office Cat looks forward to checking out his favourite sites on the Tube commute.

Source: The Verge

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