Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 15/03/13

HTC disses Samsung and Digg wants to save Google Reader users – it’s Office Cat time, folks


HTC takes Samsung Galaxy S4 to Diss-town

It seems that not everyone was left impressed by the lavish unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 last night. Samsung rival HTC took to Twitter to unleash a bit of bants about the slightly bizarre New York event, asking somewhat rhetorically, “How off-Broadway is this production?” accompanied by the hashtag “#theNextBigFlop”. And it didn’t end there, with HTC CMO Ben Ho claiming that the S4 represented “more of the same”, that it “pales in comparison to the all-aluminum [sic] unibody HTC One” and that HTC customers are a discerning lot that don’t want this kind of “mainstream” phone. How very hipster of you, Mr Ho. Office Cat, naturally, appreciates the cattiness.

Source: Engadget

Digg making an alternative to Google Reader

Google Reader has been given a death sentence by its makers, but there is some solace to be found in the fact that Digg, the content aggregator and (some might say) poor man’s Reddit, is building a replacement. Digg’s blog announced that the company had been considering an RSS reader for some time and the imminent demise of Google Reader has provided the perfect opportunity to get cracking. It hopes to get its reader up and running by 1st July, when Google will take Reader offline.

Source: Techradar

4oD is coming to Sky On Demand next week

4oD, Channel 4’s catch-up service, will arrive on Sky On Demand next Monday. Sky customers who have On Demand running on their box will be able to access both catch-up shows and archive material including Shameless, Spaced, Father Ted and The Inbetweeners. Channel 4 and More4 (with E4 and Film4 to follow) will also be the first terrestrial channels to come to Sky Go, allowing you to watch them live on your phone, tablet or laptop. Sky Go Extra customers will be able to download and watch this stuff offline too.

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