Stuff Office Cat's Diary 15/02/2013

GameStick pre-orders, mystery Nokia smartphone – all in a day's cat naps

GameStick opens for pre-order

You know that Kickstarter-funded gaming console that is no larger than a USB stick? Well, according to its maker, pre-orders are now available from its website. Starting at US$79, you get the console and controller and it will be delivered in April after the initial Kickstarter run has been dealt with. Expect to pay an additional US$10 for a case and US$25 for a swanky dock. Head on over to to register your interest in an Android-powered slice of video gaming.

Source: GameStick

Yet another Nokia smartphone incoming?

Rather than leave its phones in bars, Nokia prefers to inadvertently leave clues to future products in its own advertising and events. First we had the Nokia tablet teaser and now, it would seem, a bright yellow phone has cropped up in a commercial for Netherlands phone network KPN Mobile. The device looks somewhere between a Lumia 920 (the long Carl Zeiss lens in the middle) and the new Lumia 620 (curved edges). Is it just Office Cat's imagination running wild, or does the phone get wider in the middle like this prototype case? Guess we'll find out soon enough what it is at Mobile World Congress.

Source: Engadget

While you could use the Kickstarter website on the go, you can now get an iOS app to make life a lot easier for browsing the latest, greatest and wackiest projects that need your money. Besides being less fiddly than the website, those of you with a Kickstarter in action can see pledges being made in real-time which is pretty cool - especially in the dying hours of funding. An Android version has yet to be announced, with a representative from the company stating that, "We're really just focused on this app for iPhone now."

Source: Gamespot

Archos reveals budget-tastic tablet in three sizes

Joining the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 in the budget tablet market is the Archos Platinum. Available in 8in, 9/7in and 11.6in for £180, £250 and £300, respectively, each Platinum variant includes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a quad-core CPU and an eight-core PowerVR SGX 544 GPU for graphics. Each device also comes with 2G of RAM, two cameras, mini-HDMI connection and a microSD slot. All that varies is the resolution with the 11.6in version topping out at 2048x1536 pixels. The small and middle size are available now and the large will arrive in April.

Source: PC Pro

10-ton Meteor shatters above Russia

It's not every day you get to sink your claws into a video of an actual meteor speeding towards earth. So savour the 33,000mph 10-ton rock flying towards Earth – because you won't be seeing its like for a while. Office Cat sincerely hopes so, anyway.

Video: The Guardian

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