Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 14/09/12

An eBay logo overhaul, new Dishonored footage, bubble-free boiling and helium hard drives all catch Office Cat’s otherwise fleeting attention

New eBay logo

After 17 years (86 cat years) eBay has got itself a new logo. Yup, that’s it up there – not a big change right? Just a bit slimmer, and taller – like a certain new phone. So that’s two big companies with new logos, the other being Microsoft’s new squarer design. What’s next? Another bite out of the Apple logo? A gold star with the Nike swoosh? Office Cat thinks Twitter should be in for another wing clipping.


Triggertrap hits Android

Office Cat doesn't like shooting. But with Triggertrap – the SLR camera attachment for shooting remotely – he’s positively pleased. The latest adage to the Kickstarted Triggertrap is an Android app charged at a cheeky US$5 on top of the US$30 cost for the hardware.


New Dishonored footage

Office Cat's excitement piqued this morning at the sight of a new Dishonored developer documentary with fresh gameplay footage. If you can handle the ever growing excitement and anticipation, enjoy the video.


Helium hard drives

Western Digital has started pumping its hard drives full of helium. While Office Cat loves a high-pitched chat, he doesn’t think hard drives need to whine any higher. Luckily, that’s not the point – the helium lightens the internal atmosphere lowering friction. That means freer spinning, power efficient drives that also hold up to 40 per cent more data. A far more noble use for helium than wacky voices.


Bubble-free boiling

A boiling kettle gets Office Cat hot under the collar. Boiling without bubbles is just what he’d like. Thankfully, scientists at Northwestern University have used the Laidenfrost effect to insulate bubbles, resulting in calmer boiling and – utimately – a calmer Office Cat.


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