Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 14/03/13

Kickstarter revives much-loved TV series and Apple finalises the next iPhone's processor

Remember when Office Cat’s human colleagues posted a list of cancelled TV shows they’d like to see revived via Netflix? Well, they’re getting their wish with one of them... sort of. Teen noir drama Veronica Mars, which ended in 2007, is coming back as a movie, and it’s all thanks to Kickstarter. Showrunner Rob Thomas posted the appeal yesterday and has already received well over his stated goal of US$2,000,000. The movie will be shot over the summer, and Thomas hopes it will be released in early 2014.

Veronica Mars coming back – via Kickstarter

While we’re on the subject: got a Sky Movies subscription and want to watch movies on your Android device? Now you can do EXACTLY that thanks to the Android version of the Sky Movies companion app, available for download over at Play. It also offers trailers, synopses and cast lists for loads of films.

The A7 processor destined for the next iPhone is being “taped out” this month, meaning it’s almost ready for manufacture. A report in Digitimes says industry sources have spilled the beans on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s plans for the chip, which is expected to go into risk production in May and June ahead of commercial shipments early next year. That means Apple and its manufacturing partners can start making the phones in time for spring 2014.

Source: Digitimes

Sky Movies app now on Android

Office Cat never really had the time for Skyrim (there’s barely enough time in his day for all the eating and sleeping required), but he’s always wanted a large Dragonborn statue to use as a fancy scratching post. And lo – he (and you) can now fulfil that dream thanks to Bethesda’s new online store, which features merchandise associated with the company’s various games. Expect Vault 101 trainers, Dishonored mugs and Skyrim hoodies.

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