Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 14/02/13

Cooling lasers, cyber soldier awards and Google movies all catch Office Cat’s gaze today

Cool lasers

Lasers are only good for chasing – or so Office Cat thought. Now scientists have developed a method of cooling that uses lasers and inorganic compound Cadmium Sulfide. That means saving space and money spent on cooling computers, MRI scanners, night-vision goggles, and even air conditioning. A silent, fan-free future? Office Cat welcomes more quiet time to doze in the cool.

Source: Gizmag

Cyber soldier medal

A Distinguished Warfare Medal will be awarded to US troops who work from behind a screen, flying drones, thwarting cyber attacks, and hacking enemies. It’s already been nicknamed the Geek Cross. And, no, it won't have the Stuff logo on there... yet.

Source: Boston

The Internship trailer

The movies are getting a bit tech-happy lately, what with The Social Network and jOBS – now Google's getting in on the action with new comedy The Internship, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Office Cat wonders just how much money the Big G threw at them for what amounts to a feature-length commercial... 

Scientists have worked out how to code DNA to perform logic operations. MIT researchers say this will mean future drugs that can be turned on genetically at key times in a person’s life. It’ll also mean storage of information in cells. Goodbye flash drives, hello flesh drives.

Source: Nature

Red and blue PS3

PS3s are red, PS3s are blue, Office Cat has fleas, and now so do you. Sony has unveiled its red and blue PS3 consoles in the UK. Red, you can only buy from Game, whereas the blue can be found on Amazon.

Source: mcvuk

Apple loses iPhone trademark fight in Brazil

Apple has suffered a rare setback in Brazil, with the news that Brazilian company Gradiente Electronic has kept the rights to the iPhone trademark in the country. It registered the name back in 2000 – but that's not going to stop Apple's army of lawyers contesting the case at great cost – the legal fees will be a drop in the ocean compared to what Cupertino will lose if rivals like Android gain a foothold in the country.

Source: GamesIndustryBiz

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