Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 13/11/12

Fenton runs again, your iPhone becomes a Sky+ remote and One Direction launches an app. All in a day's work for Office Cat


Fenton gets HD makeover

Office Cat is – as you might imagine – not the biggest fan of dogs. But he did rather enjoy watching "YouTube sensation" Fenton haring after the deer in Richmond Park, if only for the thought of just how much trouble the mutt got into afterwards. Now EE's "remastered" the video to showcase the capabilities of 4G. Oh, alright, they've just gone and shot a big-budget version of it, which rather misses the point of the original's handheld camcorder charm.

Control your Sky+ with your iPhone

Sky has updated its Sky+ app for the iPhone, turning your Apple smartphone into a remote control with the ability to change channels, pause, play and rewind TV and manage your recordings. Now, when will Sky show Android Jelly Bean users some love, eh?

One Direction launch Spotify app

In between spinning his eclectic vinyl collection of dub reggae and opera, Office Cat likes to slip a little One Direction on his iPod. They're just so… dreamy. Now they've launched the 1D Music app on Spotify, which features the boyband's albums, playlists curated by the young gentlemen in question, and all their social media feeds. No, Office Cat has not been kissing that poster of Harry. That's just natural wear and tear.

Google Play Music launches in the UK and gets tweaks in the US 

Google Play Music – a cloud locker capable of holding 20,000 of your tracks for free and a new section of Gogole's Play store – is now live in the UK, slap bang in the middle of a Nexus 4 shortage.

Over in the US, Google has updated its the app to add gapless audio playback for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean users, along with auto-generated Instant Mixes based on your recent songs. Plus you can now store your Thumbs Up, Last Added and free and purchased playlists on your device. Office Cat is off to discover whether he can break the Instant Mixes feature with his music collection.

Source: Google Play via Engadget

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