Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 13/09/12

Kevin Bacon, bread clocks, and escaped game baddies – Office Cat has sniffed them all out

Baked gadget, sir?

A certain office feline is an avid baker as well as having a penchant for gadgetry. So he was positively purring at the sight of Jerusalem-based designer and baker Debbi Nitsan’s breaded gadget selection. Loaf clock? Baguette torch? Bloomer radio? She caters for all needs. A fresh idea, you might say, though Office Cat fears not exactly future proof.


A new Wing Commander?

The creator of one of the greatest interstellar games ever made, Wing Commander, has been on a break from gaming – if you can call it a break. He’s been making films like Punisher, Lord of War and Outlander – but now he’s back. Chris Roberts, who fancies himself a sci-fi world creator, feels game tech is now ready for his near boundless ideas. Office Cat awaits the issue of his dizzying imagination with considerable apprehension.


Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon goes Google

When away from the bridge table, Office Cat enjoys playing the odd game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – the game where you link any actor back to Kevin Bacon by flim credit association. It would seem Google does too: the online giant has incorporated it into the search bar. Simply type “Bacon number” and the name of your chosen thesp and you’ll get their numbered degrees from Bacon. Mind you, Office Cat struggled to score higher than three.


Transformers on your street

Office Cat's afternoon nap was interrupted by a scuffle in the street. Imagine his surprise when it turned out Transformers had landed outside his house and were scrapping in the middle of the road. He's even got video evidence. Alas, the police cried hoax – presumably they'd already seen the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron site, which lets you put in your address and watch an augmented reality video of giant robots battling on your doorstep. Spoilsports.

Oldest colour film shown

Remember black and white? Office Cat does. So when he found out the world’s oldest colour film footage was from 110 years ago his whiskers curled inquisitively. The BFI has saved the footage and is currently showing it at the Bradford National Media Museum. If that’s a bit far, you can watch the video on the BFI website.


Wreck-It Ralph

If you’re a gamer, you’ll love Wreck-It Ralph. The animated film follows a washed-up computer game bad guy, bitter that he couldn't be the hero, adapting to life outside his game. Office Cat enjoyed the trip down gaming memory lane. The trailer above should whet your appetite ahead of the release on February 15th 2013.

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