Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 12/12/12

50,000 pieces of Hobbit Lego, a Swiss Army iPhone and a promiscuous keyboard combine forces to create today's feline diary

Bilbo Baggins gets the Lego treatment

Office Cat enjoys playing with Lego bricks, even if his lack of opposable thumbs limits him to batting them about with his paws. He certainly couldn't come up with anything as majestic as this 49,152-brick Bilbo Baggins masterpiece. He urges fans to head along to John Lewis on Sloane square to check it out in person, as long as they promise not to touch it. He knows how clumsy people can be.

Logitech's Easy-Switch Bluetooth keyboard

Tech power users who are constantly flittering between their iDevice and Mac will benefit from Logitech's new Easy-Switch Bluetooth keyboard which will switch between pairing up from your Mac to your iThing at the press of a button. USB recharging, backlit keys and an Apple-inspired design should help you swallow the £90 price tag.

San Andreas hits the PS3

Fans of car-jacking will be happy to hear that GTA San Andreas is  available to download from the PSN store today, letting us all re-live precious moments like cycling off cliff faces before parachuting to safety and blowing up ice cream trucks with RPGs. Ah the memories...

iPhone multi-tool case

There are some things you just can't get an app for – like popping the cap off a bottle, or clipping a wire. Or opening a tin of cat food. Fortunately, your iPhone can still help you accomplish those tasks, with the help of the Task One multi-tool iPhone case. Featuring a selection of tools from a bottle opener to pliers, wire cutters and allen wrenches built directly into an iPhone case, it'll transform your iDevice into a Swiss Army knife, albeit a very bulky and expensive one. Donate to its Indiegogo page here.

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