Stuff Office Cat's diary 12/11/12

Pikachu, Half Life 3 and CoD gaming headsets all make up today's feline diary. Jump in, won't you?

Turtle Beach prepares for CoD

Turtle Beach is looking to cover the ears of many a Call of Duty fan with its new range of gaming headsets designed to compliment the release of Black Ops 2, which hits shelves at midnight tonight. The top of the line auditory experience arrives in the form of the £300 Ear Force TANGO headset which serves up Bluetooth Dolby Surround Sound, programmable presets and exclusive Black Ops 2 voice prompts. With a 15 hour battery life to boot, it'll keep on going long after you've hit the dirt for the millionth time.

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Half Life 3 incoming?

Office Cat has yet to receive a solid date for the release of Half Life 3, despite scratching on Valve's door continuously for the past few years. Still, news of a brand new Source gaming engine from the mouth of Valve head Gabe Newell himself has filled Office Cat and millions of gamers with fresh hope. Here's to hoping we don't have too long to wait before steppign into the shoes of Gordon Freeman once again.

Source: Kotaku

Will you Pikachoose this yellow 3DS XL?

Awful puns aside, Office Cat is rather taken with the new white and Pikachu yellow edition Nintendo 3DS XL models announced ahead of Christmas. Although he doesn't entirely trust the iconic Pokémon's cold black eyes...

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UK 4G auction date set

Ofcom has revealed that Vodafone, O2 and anyone else looking to snap up a slice of the UK 4G spectrum to join existing providers EE can submit their applications on December 12th, ahead of the actual auction next January. Could this mean cheaper 4G prices in 2013? Office Cat certainly hopes so, as his wallet is consistently empty as of late.

Source: Pocket Lint

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