Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 12/09/12

Robot tentacles, QR codes become the new crop circles and a whole new meaning for ‘taking it to the bridge’. Office Cat investigates

World’s largest QR code

QR codes are all well and good, but how often do you really use them? Office Cat suggests you’re even less likely to scan this giant example etched into a Canadian cornfield – and recently certified as the world’s largest – since you’ll need a helicopter.

Source: CTV (via Engadget)

Is Windows Phone 8 delayed?

Office Cat was a bit miffed when Nokia’s new wares launched with scant details about its new OS – Windows Phone 8. Now he hears word that development of Microsoft’s new mobile platform could be running late. Office Cat fancies there’ll be plenty of nightshifts going at Redmond this month.

Source: The Verge (via gamesindustry)

Robot tentacles are a soft touch

Robotics boffs at Harvard have gone soft. Not for them the hard metallic crush of traditional robot fingers – they’ve gone for this balloon-style mitt that’s gentle enough to pick flowers. Office Cat spies a sci-fi flop in the making.

Source: New Scientist

Join the warp speed club

Apparently when Paramount binned the Enterprise-D bridge set from Star Trek: The Next Generation, fans calling themselves the New Starship Foundation pulled it out of the skip with plans to restore it to its former glory. In seeking US$240,000 of funding for the project, the outfit is offering several perks, including an uninterrupted night of “romance for two on the bridge.” Office Cat hopes they disinfect the consoles between visits.

Source: DVICE

The science of sleep

Office Cat isn’t sure what Lavital thinks people do in bed (apart from what New Starship Foundation, above, thinks people do on TV sets), but this offering has a recessed B&O TV and speakers for all your (other) entertainment needs. But it’s controlled by an iPhone, meaning there’s a dock that could be mere hours away from becoming obsolete (yes, Office Cat’s seen the rumours). Well, at least you’ll still be able to have a doze.

Source: Lavital (via psfk)

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