Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 12/03/13

New Stars Wars shoot ‘em up and the Padfone 2 goes on sale – it’s time for the Cat to round up today’s stories

LucasArts is working on an Xbox Live Arcade shooter set in the Star Wars universe – but it may never be released. Kotaku has published a story revealing the existence of Star Wars: First Assault, a Call of Duty-esque 16-player FPS using the Unreal Engine. First Assault was originally slated for a launch this spring, but according to the report LucasFilm’s acquisition by Disney has left it in limbo. First Assault was apparently intended as a precursor to a possible Star Wars: Battlefront III online shooter; the idea was to see how well it sold on Xbox Live Arcade and decide whether or not this meant there was a market for Battlefront III. Office Cat has his claws crossed that it will come out, sell a bucketload and be followed by Battlefront III.

Source: Kotaku

Star Wars: First Assault online shooter may never see the light of day

The Asus Padfone 2’s modular charms were not lost on Office Cat’s colleagues, who awarded the smartphone-cum-tablet four stars (read the review). Well, you can now poke and prod it yourself, as it’s just popped up on sale in the UK. It costs £600 SIM-free over at Clove.

Source: T3

Asus Padfone 2 goes on sale

BitTorrent is famous for making your (possibly illegal) downloads incredibly fast via its peer-to-peer technology – and it’s now bringing those skills to bear on video live streaming. BitTorrent Live (currently in beta and available to try) uses P2P to distribute livestreams via all their viewers, meaning that large audiences are actually an advantage rather than something that’s likely to lag up the stream something rotten. Sign up and try it for yourself.

Source: Gizmodo

BitTorrent Live P2P streaming now in beta

Ubisoft has spilled the beans on the various Collector’s Editions of Splinter Cell Blacklist, Sam Fisher’s next outing. The 5th Freedom Edition (exclusive to Game in the UK and Gamestop in Ireland) features a 24cm Fisher figurine, steelbook case, graphic novel, two bonus maps and 15 unlockable items; the 5th Freedom Silver Edition (exclusive to Uplay) is the same but with a silver steelbook. Then there’s the Ultimatum Edition, which comes with a digital watch, shorter graphic novel, the two maps and three pieces of unlockable content; and finally the Upper Echelon Day 1 edition (exclusive to Game in the UK and Xtravision in Ireland), which comes with the Dead Coast map and access to four items.

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