Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 1/11/12

Office Cat's busily donning his tux for the Stuff Gadget Awards 2012 – but he's still rounded up the latest news on the Ouya and Nexus Q for you

Ouya gets Jelly Bean

Office Cat's whiskers are quivering with excitement at the news that the Ouya games console, of Kickstarter fame, will be landing with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. It'll be like a console and PC rolled into one, with 1080p widescreen output – and it’s set to arrive in March 2013.

Source: gamesindustry

No Nexus Q

Anything shaped like a ball is a winner where Office Cat’s concerned. So he shares the disappointment of those that pre-ordered Google’s Nexus Q media streamer, only for it to be pulled from the shelves for a redesign. Now the glowing orb has vanished from the Google Nexus landing page – and whether it'll return is open to question. The Nexus Q is still listed on the Google Play store, albeit accompanied by a notice stating that it's "not for sale at this time." Hopefully it'll return in a more powerful form. Like Optimus Prime.

Source: Android Authority

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