Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 11/10/12

Palm sized quadrocopters, downloadable director's commentaries and an S3 for under £400 – the cat's on patrol

Palm-sized quadrocopter

While the AR Drone may titillate the wannabe pilots out there, it certainly doesn’t stimulate the wallet in such a positive way. Firebox to the rescue with a smaller version of the quadrocopter called a Micro Drone which, fittingly, is lower in price too. It’ll manage flip tricks, auto balance, USB-charge and is even safe for cats – not bad for £70.

Smartphone super controller

Office Cat’s eye on Kickstarter widened greatly at the sight of the iControlPad 2 for Android and iOS which just smashed its target US$150,000 for funding. It’ll even work on the OUYA and Raspberry Pi – check out the video.

Source: electricpig

Looper has a downloadable director's commentary for fans to listen to on their headphones in the cinema. Office Cat's already seen it four times and is planning to release his own commentary too.

Source: BBC

Samsung Galaxy S3 for under £400

Alright it’s only one pound under £400, but that’s still the most affordable price Office Cat’s seen for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3. You’ve got Asda Online to thank for that from midnight tonight – presuming our Galaxy S3 review has you convinced it’s the handset for you.

Dyson destroys furball build up

When Office Cat saw that Dyson had released a Tangle-Free tool for £45 that stops furballs, he was overjoyed. Only when he realised this is an attachment for Dyson vacuum cleaners – that uses a two rotating heads to ball up hair, freeing the brush – and not cat’s stomachs, was his disappointment realised.

Source: Telegraph

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