Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 11/09/12

Office Cat brings you laser projected 3D films, a YouTube iOS app, the world's densest materials, and more

As Apple cuts its ties to Google with iOS 6 – ditching YouTube as a native app – YouTube has taken the wraps off its own new standalone iOS app. Office Cat is pleased to see that his access to cat videos will be uninterrupted – plus there's a new channel guide for easy swipe access, as well as better search features. The iPad version is still a work in progress – but for now grab the iPhone version from iTunes.

Source: iTunes

YouTube app for iOS

As a connoisseur of not moving for great lengths of time, Office Cat appreciates these Listen Carefully headphones from designer Jonas Breme. The conceptual cans detect when you get up to move about and automatically lower playback volume – forcing you to sit still and focus on the music. Just make sure you have another set of cans if you like listening to your best bangers while out for a jog.

Source: LS:N Global

Jazz up (or rock out to) your morning commute with this radio based on the iconic Tube map design. Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki has packed the printed circuit board with nifty little jokes that tickle Office Cat's whiskers – the speaker is placed at Speaker’s Corner, while the battery is at Battersea Power Station.

Source: Dezeen

You will sit still and you will listen

Scientists have broken a world record to create the highest surface area material ever in NU-109 and NU-110. If you were to unravel a single crystal of NU-110, the size of a grain of salt, it'd take up the entire surface area of a desk. That opens the door to super strong materials for vessels and transport storage like gas canisters, along with future sustainable materials. Office Cat thinks tuna cans are quite difficult enough to get into as it is, thank you very much.

Source: Gizmag

3D cinema's suffered from one big problem – the 3D glasses result in a substantially dimmer image. Fortunately, science has come to the rescue, in the form of a 3D laser light projector that maintains the same light levels as a 2D film. The tech was demoed at IBC with a screening of Martin Scorsese's Hugo – and managed to deliver a light quality of 14 foot-Lamberts, versus the 3 foot-Lamberts light quality that 3D films currently deliver. Office Cat can't wait to bask in the glow of the silver screen.

Source: 3D Focus

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