Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 10/12/12

Brain cells from urine, super speed chips and Samsung's teaser all come under Office Cat's microscope today

Samsung teaser

"Something new" is all Samsung is giving away in its simplistic yet dramatic teaser trailer for CES 2013. What, Office Cat ponders, could it be? A new range of TVs, a whole new tablet, the long awaited ATIV S, or maybe even the new Galaxy S4 are all possibilities. What do you expect?

Source: PocketNow

Nanophotonic chips

IBM, the bastion of computer chip breakthroughs, has gone and done it again. Its new 90nm silicon chips will be able to get into the terabyte transfer speed range by using nanophotonics – utilising photons instead of electrons. Office Cat doesn't expect to see these in mass production anytime soon, but more nippy chips are always to be welcomed.

Source: Engadget

Brain cells made from urine

As a feline of distinction, Office Cat has no objection to sniffing wee. It's a very useful way to mark one's territory, even if his co-workers complain. Now, scientists who've been sniffing around human excreta have managed to find cells that can be used – like stem cells – to create neurons. Great news for Parkinson’s sufferers – and for the potential of growing organic computer brains in the future. Office Cat isn’t afraid.

Source: Nature

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