Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 10/10/12

The death of comic artists? The birth of budget mobile projectors? Life and death issues are small fry for Office Cat's all-seeing eye

Disney mobile

Office Cat believes children should be seen and not heard, but he's undecided on giving the little tikes a 1.5GHz dual-core phone with a 4.5in 720p display, 4G LTE and a 13MP camera. Disney apparently thinks its fine, as long as it gets to plaster the thing with the livery of its perennially popular rodents. Office Cat awaits the Sylvester edition patiently.

Source: Engadget

AQ Audio SmartSpeaker Wireless+ Portable gets AirPlay

Yes, you might have seen AQ's SmartSpearker Wireless + before, but have you seen it like this? Yes? Oh, alright, so nothing's changed on the outside, but current owners of the AQ Audio wedge (no, Office Cat cannot be bothered to tap out its full title) can today update it to play nice with Apple's AirPlay (and a forthcoming Android app) for streaming off-network. Great for the garden or beach, suggests AQ's spin doctor. Has he looked at the calendar?

Samsung Galaxy Music

A budget smartphone? Pah. Office Cat winces at the thought of going back to a phone with a 3in screen and sub-1GHz processor. His ears perk up, however, at the mention of dual front-facing speakers (with SRS audio), a built-in FM radio and micro projector. Why aren't they fitting those sonic goodies to smartphones yet?

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This weekend Office Cat will be donning his Panama hat in preperation for RumFest 2012. Four hundred rare rums await at London's ExCel Centre, with tickets starting from £20. Has Office Cat mentioned that he hates Mondays?

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