Stuff Office Cat's Diary 10/08/12

Freaky robot worms and eye-watering compact cams are all included in today's Office Cat menu. Dig in, won't you?

Pentax's newly announced LS465 compact cam range might be packing a 16MP sensor, wide angle 5x optical zoom and a novel 16:9 screen, but it's the retina-searing paint job that'll be attracting all the attention. While not quite to Office Cat's taste, he can only presume that ravers and fashionable pimps alike will be itching to get their hands on one.

Source: Pentax

Pentax releases eye-blinding compact range

Office Cat doesn't quite understand everyone's obsession with roasting themselves. Sure, he likes lazily basking in the warmth of the sun, but he has fur to protect himself – you don't. Luckily for those of you with little self control, a team at Atrathclyde University have invented a wristband which changes from yellow to pink after a predetermined level of UV exposure thanks to its UV-sensitive dye. Isn't science wonderful? Just lay off inventing the catnip breathalyser – ignorance is bliss, after all.

Source: Dvice

UV-sensitive wristband prevents lobster skin

Office Cat sends his congratulations to Team GB's Jade Jones, who nabbed Britains first ever Taekwondo Olympic Gold medal against China's world number one Tseng Li-Cheng. BAE systems has revealed that it tested and trained GB athletes on the most effective point-scoring hotspots using the electronic vests which are used to determine the winners of each round. Perhaps they could help Office Cat increase his weekly mouse kill count too?

BAE systems analysed Taekwondo vests to give GB athletes the upper hand

Researchers from MIT, Harvard and Seoul National University have created a soft nickel and titanium meshworm robot which mimicks the movements of the humble earthworm. The meshworm is able to stretch and contract with heat, and can continue to function without damaging its insides after an impact. Office Cat's not entirely sure whether to pounce on it or flee.

Source: designboom

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