Stuff Office Cat's diary – 09/10/12

Today, Office Cat's cocktail of news consists of keyboards, unicycle hybrids and shopping via Facebook. Tasty no?

Logitech goes mechanical

Despite his suave appearance, Office Cat does like to dabble in a gaming session every now and again. His feline reflexes result in total domination over his slow-moving human opponents and he'd quite like to get his paws on Logitech's freshly unveiled G710+ – its first mechanical gaming keyboard, which promises hi-speeds, whisper quiet operation, back-lit keys and macro functionality, for £150. xxL337C47xx's kill count is about to get higher...

musicMagpie gets a taste for tech

As of today, musicMagpie is letting you swap your electronics hardware for lovely cash – anything from iPads to TVs to consoles and even hair straighteners. Office Cat is eying up his piles of old hardware with avaricious eyes.


Science and engineering have birthed many wonders in the history of the human race. Whether or not this Bicycle/unicycle hybrid is one of them will be down to personal opinion, but Office Cat can't deny that the design is unique. Its creators reckon they're making things easier by ditching the chain and gears. Check out the video and decide for yourselves.

Source: Dvice

Facebook testing 'Want' button

Facebook, that nirvana of narcissistic self-portrait mirror shots, is apparently testing a new 'Want' button. The social network giant has allegedly teamed up with seven US retailers to enable users to 'want, collect or like' products, with the option to buy them directly from people's Timelines. Office Cat wants sardines, obviously.

Source: BusinessETC

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