Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 09/08/12

3D printed foetuses, pricey logos and Valve getting serious – it's all in a day's work for your favourite feline

Office Cat is perturbed to see that Valve – creators of online games platform Steam – is growing up and getting serious. It's planning to branch out and offer non-gaming software on its service, effectively turning it into an App Store rival. You used to be fun, Valve. What happened?

Source: BGR

Valve launching non-game app store

Companies spend oodles of money designing logos, but some of the most famous ones cost little or nothing. Stock Logos has worked out how much famous logos cost, and the results may surprise you – Google's original logo was knocked up for nothing, while the 2012 Olympics logo – which sullied the good name of Lisa Simpson – cost a whopping US$625,000. Office Cat's told his employers that he needs a logo of his own, but will they oblige? Not likely. Perhaps you can help. Send your suggestions to @StuffOfficeCat on Twitter.

Source: Gizmodo

Valve has made the characters and animations from its games available to budding Spielbergs – and user LiveCurious95 has whipped up this shot-for-shot tribute to The Matrix. Using video game characters to recreate scenes set in a computer-generated world? Office Cat's mind is boggled.

Source: SlashGear

How much do logos cost?

3D printing lets you make almost anything – so of course Japan was going to take the tech and make something weird with it. Japanese engineering company Fasotec will whip up a 3D printed model of your unborn child using data from MRI scans of the foetus. Then you can pop it on the mantelpiece and guarantee a lifetime of issues for your child when it emerges. Office Cat would give it a try, but mapping a whole litter of Office Kittens could get expensive.


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