Stuff Office Cat's Diary 09/01/13

Office Cat sniffs his way around more CES goodies in today's feline musings. Do join him, won't you?

iLuv outs Lightning docks

Among the torrent of iLuv's freshly outed docks and accessories at CES is the iLuv Aud 5 – a Lightning speaker dock that'll play nice with the latest of iDevices. It also packs in Bluetooth and a standard 3.5mm audio connection, just in case you want to spread the love outside the iGadget circle. It'll be available from May, though iLuv is keeping schtum on the price for the time being.

Waterproof iPhone 5 case revealed

Office Cat can't think of a situation in which he'd want to dip a single paw in a body of water. Those of you looking for some snaps beneath the deep will however appreciate this Seashell SS-i5 case. Waterproof at 40m, shockproof from 1m, freezeproof up to -10 degrees and packing a free app, it'll make your iPhone 5 handle those conditions a lot better than your body ever will.

StumbleUpon app gets Android update

Android users can download an update for the Stumble Upon app which has a few new UI features including StumbleDNA which represents your likes and changing interests as well as the ability to preview Stumbles while they load. Check it out here.

Belkin outs WiFi night vision cam

Paranoid gadgeteers might be interested in Belkin's latest Wi-Fi cams, which stream video and audio directly to Android and iOS devices for easy spying/surveillance. The US$100 NetCam WiFi camera features night vision for added security, while the NetCam HD boasts 720p streaming for an even clearer picture. You can even save feeds straight to your device, presumably for locking away sticky-fingered thieves in court.

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