Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 08/10/12

From commercial space flight to apps that predict what you need and pinball wizardry, Office Cat’s been digging deep

3D printed optics

Disney Research has revealed its vision of the future of 3D printing – where entire products are printed at once, rather than in parts and built after. The video shows the use of 3D printed optics to enable sensing, display and illumination of devices straight from the printer. Office Cat is no Trekkie – but he swears this is a step closer to replicators.

Source: Core77

SpaceX has launched the first commercial cargo flight into space today. The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, carrying 1000lbs of cargo, took off using its Falcon 9 booster and is en route to the International Space Station. It will dock on Wednesday, and spend around three weeks docked before returning to earth on October 28th.

Pocket Gallery

While at home Office Cat is surrounded by priceless works of art, so the office’s printed pictures of weekend revelry stuck with blu tac don’t do it for him. That’s why he loves the Pocket Art Gallery app which lets him virtually hang the works of Britain’s finest galleries including Tate Britain, Tyne & Wear archives, Norfolk museums, and more. Using a smartphone and some augmented reality trickery, you can view the iconic paintings on your very own walls. The app also includes information about the artist, place and artwork origin and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or the Pocket Art Gallery UK map for all to find.

Source: designboom

Pinball wizard

Office Cat is a bit of a pinball wizard, so he's a big fan of the Duo Pinball iPad Controller. For US$60 (£38), it lets you button bash with two side buttons, a spring-loaded plunger, and even realistic bump and tilt mechanics.

Source: Uncrate


This app can read your very mind –  use MindMeld during a phone call and it'll listen in on your conversation and bring up useful suggestions on screen. So if a new restaurant is mentioned, its information will be displayed – or if a new gadget is named, news stories about it may pop up. What's Office Cat thinking about right now? That's right: sardines.

Source: phys

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