Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 08/08/12

Giant killer iPad spotted at Gatwick Airport. Office Cat reflects on the dark future of shopping

Virtual Tesco touches down at Gatwick

You know that feeling when someone’s looking at your shopping basket? Judging you? Office Cat fears your attempts to conceal a three-pinter of Sunny Delight behind some broccoli may be thwarted in the future. That’s because you’ll be ordering your groceries from a giant iPad in the middle of a crowded airport, according to this Tesco experiment at London Gatwick. Two and a half minutes of a future that makes Blade Runner look like the good option await in the video above.

Good Microsoft: Do Not Track is IE10 default setting

Microsoft needs to modernise and fast. Perhaps that’s why it’s rolled out that gorgeous new to replace grotty old Hotmail. Witness its shiny new Windows 8 OS (only yesterday Office Cat was admiring the box). And look at this: the old Gatesmobile is sticking to its consumer-friendly guns by setting ‘do not track’ as a default in the IE 10 browser. Microsoft 1: Advertisers nil. Good work, MS.

Source: Ars Technica

Bad Microsoft: ebook advertising patent

What fresh hell is this? No sooner has Office Cat settled down with a good book away from the garish dazzle of TV and gaming than he’s bombarded with invasive advertising. At least that appears to be the threat from a patent granted to Microsoft for contextual ebook ads. He shudders to think what might befall the Fifty Shades of Grey reader.

Source: Engadget

This NFC Android keyboard’s quite, erm, striking. Two handed typing on a smartphone could have a future yet. Well, it could have had, but for the fact the Elecom TK-FNS040BK is only available through Japanese networks, has a non-rechargeable, non-replaceable, 18-month battery and costs ¥18,690 (a notch over £150). Office Cat rues seeing such potential (and a catchy name) go to waste.

Source: Akihabara News

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