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Google Glass gets a little less creepy and Samsung might be releasing more than one Galaxy phone next week


Makers of Android games will soon have another outlet: the cut-price Ouya home console. The hardware will launch on 28th March, and Ouya is now accepting game submissions. If your game passes the approval process, it could be available at the same time as the console. Also, Ouya will put the top three titles (based on the first six weeks of sales) in a documentary series to be released later this year.

Source: Develop

Ouya might sell your game

Office Cat is aware that Samsung is launching some phone or other next week, but aside from the main event there could be more new gear on show. It’s rumoured that the company will be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo, a compact lower-end mobile with a 3in screen, 2MP camera, GPS and possibly dual SIM slots. More exciting than the Galaxy S4? No, obviously, but Office Cat is always surprised at the lack of dual SIM phones out there, and another option can’t be a bad thing.

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Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo also launching next week?

A technology coming to Google Glass can identify people by their clothes, glasses and other “signature” items – possibly putting an end to that awkward moment when you can’t for the life of you remember someone’s name. InSight creates a “fingerprint” of a person from a series of photos (taken on a smartphone), using what they’re wearing rather than their faces as the identifier. The idea is that, as soon as the person changes their clothes or glasses, the fingerprint is erased and their privacy is protected, unlike with facial recognition. So it’s a bit less creepy than that. But only just.

Source: Engadget

Office Cat’s mother has long since departed for the great scratching post in the sky, so he’ll be spending this Mother’s Day as he does most Sundays: circling potential additions to his portfolio in the Sunday Times’ property section, before settling down for the killer one-two punch of Countryfile followed by Call The Midwife. Anyway, if you’re doing something with Mum, consider making her the star of the crowdsourced Mother’s Day: The Movie by filming a clip of her celebrating the occasion and tweeting it with #mothersdaymoments. Read more about it here.

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