Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 08/01/13

Office Cat pads the halls of CES in search of gadget scraps and finds a bounty of tech spilling off the show stands

Sony Xperia Z UK availability

The announcement of Sony’s new flagship phone – the Xperia Z – caused a clatter of further announcements in Office Cat’s inbox. UK-based smartphone enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the new hardware will definitely be availble through Vodafone and Three and can also be bought at Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse. March 1st seems to be the go-date, though the price is still a tightly-held secret.

Samsung goes on Smart Camera bender

If this is Samsung’s best shot for CES, Office Cat will eat a tin of dog food. Still, with all the other camera news (that’s you Nikon, Olympus, Canon and Fujifilm) it seems a shame to leave Sammy out of the, ahem, frame, so a passing mention goes to the company’s freshly outed WB250F, WB200F, WB800F, WB30F, DV151F and ST150F. If you must know more about the new range of smart cameras, Office Cat politely directs you to the horse’s mouth.

Sky Sports for iPad turns pundit

While Office Cat has better things to do than sit in a plastic seat shouting “Go on, son!” to a man who clearly isn’t his child, he is reliably informed that “football fans will love the **** out of” Sky Sports new stats driven improvement to its iPad app, updated today. Average formation, player impact and archive data will all be available at the touch of a screen during Monday night football. Office Cat wonders what FourFourTwo Stats Zone will make of that.

Onkyo can make headphones too

Do your headphones come with the hallmark of a respected stalwart of the hi-fi industry? Onkyo is the latest hi-fi maker to hitch a ride on the high-end headphone bandwagon, announcing the ES-FC300s (for £150) and the £180 ES-HF300s, which come with an “audiophile-grade” cable. Does that mean it’s made of corduroy?

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator 1TB USB stick

Yes, you heard right – this USB stick holds a whole terabyte of your data (though there’s also a 512GB version, shown above). And it’s USB 3.0. The 1TB stick will be released in Q1 with a price that promises to embarrass its US$1750 little brother. Office Cat is speechless.

iRig Recorder for Android announced

Office Cat has been thinking about recording his ‘Bach for Banjo’ arrangements for posterity. Happily iRig Recorder – a mobile audio recording and editing app – has been made available for Android. Now all he needs are some opposable thumbs. And a banjo.

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