Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 07/12/12

Teach your gloves and Samsung Galaxy S3 some fancy new tricks. And grab a gaming classic while you're at it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 learns a few new tricks

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can look forward to a new Premium Suite software update which will add a features from its bigger brother the Galaxy Note 2 to their devices. New tricks include Multi Window, specific music playback when headphones are plugged in, a Facebook newsfeed lock screen widget and a browser Reader Mode.

Source: BGR

Final Fantasy IV landing on iOS

Square Enix's legendary title Final Fantasy IV  looks set to hit an iOS device near you for the princely sum of US$20, 21 years after its 1991 debut on the SNES. While the game gets Office Cat's seal of approval, the price tag most certainly does not. But naturally, he'll be buying it anyway.

Source: Tech Crunch

Splash a little Magic Liquid on your gloves

While Office Cat has no need for gloves, he can appreciate the frustration of his lesser human peers as they try to navigate their touchscreens while wearing them. Apart from nabbing a new pair of touchscreen-friendly versions, you can now dab a little of this Magic Liquid onto your existing mittens to instantly transform them into screen-loving hand warmers. Apply, dry and type away.

Source: Dvice

Griffin struck by Lightning.... dock connectors

Office Cat loves chewing on cables (much to the delight of his co-workers) and he's particularly fond of the taste of Apple's new Lightning dock connector. Good news for him then as Griffin announces two new Apple-licensed cables which will play nice with your iDevices. The £20 coiled USB Lightning cable is ideal for use in cars while its extra long £25 3m USB to Lightning cable offers plenty of reach (and even more for Office cat to chew on). And if Office Cat still isn't satiated then there's the smaller 2' and 3' (£13 and £15) cables for desert.


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