Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 07/08/12

Curvy docks, folding batteries and an unhealthy obsession with Microsoft packaging… what’s the world coming to?

Denon announces Cocoon AirPlay docks

Docks are so old-hat. These days, Office Cat doesn’t get out of bed for less than a robust monocoque cabinet, and an AirPlay one at that. Happily Denon has just laid a couple of egg-like docks – selling for £500 apiece – that will also handle Android and Windows audio streaming via Denon’s app. Both the Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable have a physical iPod dock as well. Just in time for Apple to switch to a new connector. Oops.

Next big thing: folding batteries

Office Cat has long questioned the wisdom of flexible screens. Let’s face it, the minute you fold up your screen, that battery’s going to snap, and the resulting leak could ruin a perfectly good smoking jacket. Good to see some Korean science people are on the case of making a working foldable battery, then. Smoking jackets of the future will be safe.

Source: TechCrunch (via Phandroid)

Canon launches four new Pixma printers

Ready for a doze? Here’s a story about printers. Four of them, to be accurate, as Canon appends its Pixma range with the MP230, MG2250, MG3250 and MG4250. Office Cat can’t be bothered with the minutiae, but the latter is his pick, based on AirPlay and Auto Duplex printing. Don’t ask – it’s just not that exciting.

Huawei E3231 dongle announced

Printers not boring enough for you? How about a new “super-fast” dongle from Three. The Huawei E3231 can download up to 21.1Mbps on the network’s HSPA+ network. If you can get it. Oh, come on… Office Cat’s allowed one cheap gibe, isn’t he?

HTC Sense 4.1 imminent

Is your HTC One X battery life getting you down? Word has it that an incoming HTC Sense update (4.1) will be fixing that. Office Cat hears the One S and One V are also in the running for the ICS skin update.

Source: XDA Developers (via TechRadar)

Window 8 packaging spotted

Office Cat can’t quite bring himself to muster the same sort of enthusiasm for Microsoft packaging that seems to have infected staff at The Verge. “We’ll have to wait until Microsoft officially unveils it to see if the company has put its Windows 8 boxes on a diet,” it gushes. Oh, the suspense…

Source: The Verge

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