Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 07/03/13

Office Cat rocks out to Slash's Angry Birds theme, plays with Google I/O easter eggs and gets chatting with FooTalk in today's news round-up

Google I/O adds easter eggs to registration site

Ahead of its Google I/O developer conference starting on May 15th, Google's set up a registration website packed with the tech giant's characteristic easter eggs. Simply click on the big I and O to tap out binary codes, and if you pick one of the right codes, you'll get to see everything from songs to bacon and eggs to – Office Cat is pleased to note – cats.

Source: The Verge

Angry Birds rock with Slash

Former Guns N' Roses axeman Slash has taken his guitar into outer space, recording a new version of the Angry Birds Space theme for the latest update to the game. Rovio's also created a Slash-themed Angry Bird graphic, complete with Les Paul guitar, top hat and shades. Office Cat reckons he should team up with the Freddie Mercury Angry Bird and form a band.

Source: Appadvice

The European Court has ruled that websites transmitting live TV over the internet without permission from broadcasters are in breach of copyright. That's bad news for sites like, which now needs to secure rights clearance from broadcasters for its ad-supported live TV streaming service. Office Cat hopes the situation's resolved soon – he rather likes channel-hopping on his smartphone.

Source: Guardian

FooTalk launches global Facebook calling service

VoIP app FooTalk has updated with the first third-party global Facebook calling service, letting you chat to your Facebook friends all around the world for free. While Facebook Messenger already offers this service for iPhone users, it's limited to the US – FooTalk works across both Android and iOS devices, and isn't country-specific. Pop into the FooTalk address book and you'll see a tab containing your Facebook friends, letting you start a voice chat or send a message to their Wall if they're not online.

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