Stuff Office Cat's Diary - 06/12/12

Screening of Dark Knight Rises on a roof? Robbie Williams augmented reality advent calendar? Must be Office Cat

Dark Knight Rises roof screening celebrates new Virgin Media service

Office Cat would think twice about sitting on a roof in the middle of the night in December, even with his glossy coat. Still, one group of Batman fans were able to distract themselves from the chill with a rooftop screening of The Dark Knight Rises in East London, to celebrate the launch of movies on demand service Virgin Movies. Speaking for himself, Office Cat always thought Catwoman should've been the main character. But then, he would say that.

Robbie Williams album cover doubles up as advent calendar

Album covers rarely have a use beyond grabbing your attention but Robbie Williams is trying to change that with his latest album Take the Crown. Using the power of Aurasma augmented reality, fans can point their smartphone or tablet towards the album cover to get a different exclusive video from the star every day up until Santa arrives. Music to Office Cat's furry ears.

GTA Vice City hits iOS... but not Android, yet

Mr Tommy Vercetti and his garish Hawaiian shirt have made their way onto iPhone and iPad, with the launch of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition. The Android version was supposed to launch today too – but at time of Office Cat putting paws to keyboard, the game is not yet listed on Google Play. Some users have found their way to the Google Play page for the game, but Rockstar is advising people not to download it, as the game can't yet be downloaded from their servers.

Facebook for BlackBerry gets BBM support

Social networkers who can't let go of their BlackBerry will find the latest version of Facebook includes BBM support. This means that socially active people (and cats) can now start having a chinwag with friends using their pin contacts. You can un-friend fellows, too, if your incredible popularity becomes too much of a burden. Head to the BlackBerry App World to get the free update.

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