Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 06/09/12

Point at your cursor! Get married on Skype! Commune with the dead using your smartphone! Stay calm. Office Cat explains all

Graveyards are, according to Office Cat, a great place to hunt mice and be loved for it. But now QR codes on headstones are stealing all the attention as grave visitors can use their mobiles to read details about the dead. This opens the way for a more detailed look at a person’s life – including pictures – and will cost £395 including unlimited hosting.

Source: The Sun

Speak to the dead with your smartphone

Google has spilled the beans a bit early on an update to its Google Drive app – which will finally let iOS users edit documents within the app and watch Google Presentations. Previously, the Google Drive app booted iPhone and iPad users to Safari if they wanted to edit documents – which drove Office Cat to distraction. Well, alright… Office Cat's secretary.

Source: TechCrunch

Google Drive gets iOS friendly

Office Cat's busy social calendar means that sometimes he has to miss people's weddings. Apparently 51 per cent of the country has been in the same boat according to a study by Opinion Matters on behalf of Skype. So Skype has stepped up to coin the term wedcast: the broadcasting of your special wedding day online to everyone who can’t attend. Office Cat, needless to say, was overjoyed at the news and is currently enjoying a feed of his uncle Leo the lion's nuptials on the plains of the Serengeti.

Nokia has been telling porky pies – a video from yesterday's Lumia 920 launch purported to show off the phone's camera stabilisation skills. But those sharp-eyed folk at The Verge spotted a reflection in the video, showing not a cameraman with a 920 but a full-on camera rig. Nokia has since apologized. Office Cat is disappointed that such a great launch has been tainted with distrust. Tut tut.

With Skype I thee wed

Like all felines, Office Cat loves batting at a cursor icon. Now with – an Dutch site that shows you pictures of people pointing at the cursor – he can do it virtually, too. Simply move the cursor and wait as an image loads from Facebook with people pointing at the exact position of the cursor on your desktop. Office Cat has tried every position and it can’t be beaten. Can you find a glitch?

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