Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 06/08/12

Is there life on Mars? Office Cat checks in with the Curiosity rover to see if any of it looks edible

NASA lands on Mars

The truism being bandied about on Twitter today is that despite Olympian heroics in London, we should really be looking farther afield for the zenith of human achievement: NASA’s Curiosity rover has just touched down on Mars. Disinclined to trump Neil Armstrong’s “small step, giant leap” statement, the car-sized bot simply announced its arrival by sending back a picture of one of its wheels on the surface of the red planet. Office Cat admires its modesty.

Source: NASA

Amazon UK sells more ebooks than printed books

A nation of bookworms, the British. Or at least they were. Office Cat sees the nation’s readers have discarded their love of musty-smelling bookshops for digital downloads from Amazon. The online shopping behemoth has sold 114 Kindle books for every 100 print titles so far in 2012. That said, this news comes from a press release dispatched from Luxembourg, a country which has – as far as Office Cat can recall – never produced a writer of note. Ever.

This Vietnamese chap made his own Batcycle from dumped fitness equipment. Yes, it’s a touch random, but Office Cat can’t help admiring his resourcefulness.

Source: Kotaku

Casio announces Paper Writer tablets

Casio has joined the tablet fray, but it doesn’t want to play in the same crowded sandpit occupied by the majority of the iPad clones. Instead, its Paper Writer tablets come in a folding case with an old-fashioned paper jotter on one side, and a tablet on the other. You scribe on the former and your notes and sketches are miraculously transferred to the latter. Office Cat makes a note to order some fresh ink for his fountain pen. And to hold off buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 just yet.

Source: Gizmag

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