Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 05/11/12

How much does it cost to build your own iPad Mini? Office Cat shreds the news curtains in his quest for an answer

How much does an iPad Mini cost to make?

Did you think the iPad Mini was a mite overpriced? Office Cat did, but he’s changing his tune after seeing that Apple’s new tablet costs nearly US$200 in components alone. Add assembly, marketing, shipping and that all-important Apple Tax (ironically, since the company pays so little actual tax) and the US$330 asking price doesn’t seem so high.

Source: All Things D (via TechRadar)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 leaks

Another day, and another FPS fails to take cover from those pesky internet pirates. Counterfeit Black Ops 2 has erupted onto the internet a week early, with streams and YouTube vids spilling out like magma. Office Cat doesn’t see what the fuss is about – it’s hardly a spoiler when you’ve seen as many trailers as he has.

Source: Eurogamer

Office Cat suspects a conference that describes itself as “a sprinkling of blue-sky thinking” might not be his cup of Lapsang Suchong, but he notes one of the speakers is none other than Stuff magazine editor Will Findlater. The one-day event on December 4th also has speakers from eBay, LinkedIn, Pepsi and the London Evening Standard. Well worth a look for the blue sky brigade.

Source: Trends Plus

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ out in UK

Want a supercharged BlackBerry PlayBook? Office Cat ushers you in the direction of the 3G 1.5GHz tablet, which has just gone on sale from £415 in the UK. Better late than never? He wouldn’t like to say.

Source: BlackBerry (via CrackBerry and CNET)

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