Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 05/02/13

The feline news-finder casts his weary eyes over the day’s stories

Sky+ Android app gets remote control update

Got an Android phone, a internet-connected Sky+ box and can’t be bothered to dig out your remote control from the back of the sofa. Office Cat feels your pain, and evidently so does Sky: today it updated the Sky+ Android app to include remote control functions, allowing you to change channels, pause, play and rewind TV using your phone or tablet’s touchscreen. The app also lets you manage the Sky+ planner, setting recordings and deleting stuff you no longer need. It’s available now.

Jailbreak your iOS 6.1 device today (if you want)

Good news for people who like Apple’s products but don’t like its walled garden approach to apps: there’s now a jailbreak for iOS 6.1. That means you can monkey with your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch to install custom themes and the sort of apps that Apple wouldn’t normally let within several miles of an iOS device. Of course, jailbreaking an Apple product will void your warranty, so do so at your own peril.

Source: The Verge

A skinny new keyboard for your iPad Mini

Sticking with the iOS theme, Logitech today announced the Ultrathin Keyboard Mini, a skinny aluminium cover for the iPad Mini that doubles as a keyboard. It features full-size keys, finally putting the dream of writing a novel on your iPad Mini within your grasp. It should be on sale any day now (if not already), and it’ll set you back £70.

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