Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 04/12/12

Lego dwarves, sensitive styli and Lovefilm on the Wii U? Looks like Office Cat's got a new page inked in his diary

Wacom Bamboo Stylus feels

Wacom has revealed its new Bamboo Stylus feel range of pressure sensitive natural-feel pens for the latest Windows 8 and Android tablets based on on Wacom's feel IT technology (as found in the Galaxy Note 10.1). Serving up pressure sensitivity for artier art and notier notes, it'll make a nice stocking filler for Office Cat, who looks forward to chewing it up and batting it around the Stuff office kitchen floor.

Wii U meets Lovefilm

Lovefilm has hit the freshly released Nintendo Wii U, bringing its vast library of films straight to the tablet-toting console from £5 a month. Just download the Lovefilm app from the Wii Shop Channel and stream away in between slaughtering those pesky shuffling undead in ZombieU.

Lego Hobbit incoming

Office Cat has patiently waited for the release of the Lego Hobbit sets and has caught wind of their arrival at Lego's online store. He's already pilfered the Stuff company credit card and ordered the entire set from 'Riddles for the Ring' to 'Attack of the Wargs'. All he has to do now is walk among the Lego characters and make them bow to their superior giant four-legged god.

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