Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 04/09/2012

BMW's mouse becomes a reality and old phones are turned into a cluster supercomputer – all in a day's work for Office Cat

Office Cat loves a spot of retro-geek decorating. So the Power-Up Arcade light switch caught his cat eye even in the dark – not because of his superior feline sight, but thanks to the switch's night-light abilities. Flip the joystick to turn on the lights, button bash for gaming sound effects. No geek-chic pad should be without one, especially for its meagre US$30 (£18) price.

Source: Engadget

Best light switch ever

Office Cat likes a mouse – well, of course he does, he's a cat – but this one is a bit special. BMW and Thermaltake’s Level 10 M gaming mouse – previously revealed in concept form – has now been launched for real, with a US$100 (£63) price tag. That buys you five programmable keys plus a Z-key to change your profile instantly, a DPI of a whopping 5000 tweakable to 8200, and even drilled holes in the top for the sweatier gamer.

Source: Engadget

What you talkin’bout Willis? Not suing Apple that’s what. Turns out yesterday's news about Die Hard star Bruce Willis trying to pass on his iTunes collection to his children was a case of internet rumours getting out of hand. In retrospect, Office Cat should've been suspicious that any kids would want to listen to their parents' music collection.

Source: Guardian

Office Cat is a charitable soul – and a nature lover – so this photographic competition for under-17s appeals to his better instincts. To win a prize of top-end camera gear including an SLR snapper, plus the chance to shoot with famous National Geographic photographer Reza, send a pic based around the theme "I Love Nature" and one that fits "I Fear Pollution" to the now. Go on, this is your chance to work with the World Photography Organisation to change, for the better, the way we look at the world.

BMW gaming mouse

Cluster computing – using multiple devices to number crunch faster – has gone mobile. Using six low-end Android phones, capable of 5.8 million calculations per second each, scientists have achieved a working 26.2 million calculation per second. Now if you'll excuse Office Cat, he's off to turn the piles of obsolete mobiles littering the Stuff office into a supercomputer.

Source: New Scientist

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