Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 04/04/13

BBM Music shuts, Apple goes robotic and electric cars get competitive in today's news round-up

Apple getting robotic?

Pawing – and poring – over the Apple job hires, Office Cat notes that Segway engineer John Morell has turned down a director position at Yale University for a job at Apple. Could Apple be moving into robotics? Or 3D printing, perhaps? With Apple in a state of stagnation right now it’ll be a welcome change.

Source: BGR

BBM Music silenced

It looks like BlackBerry has set a date for the day the music dies. On June 2nd RIM will shut down BBM Music – its socially-focused music service that rewarded sharing with more music. Nice idea – but in a world where Spotify delivers music for a flat fee, BBM Music's social approach clearly didn't cut it.

Source: Pocket-Lint

Detroit Electric takes on Tesla

Tesla's position at the top of the electric sports car tree has remained unchallenged –  until now. Detroit Electric is launching the SP:01, which delivers a 180-mile range and, with its 200bhp engine, a neck-breaking 0-62mph time of just 3.7 seconds. The catch? Its US$135,000 (£90,000) price tag. Office Cat will take two.

Source: CNET

Google Now tracks your package

Office Cat’s catnip orders have been known to arrive late – and no-one wants a stressed Office Cat. Least of all his co-workers. Thanks to today’s Google Now update, though, he can now track his packages in real-time. He’s much calmer. Thanks, Google. Thoogle.

Source: CNET

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