Stuff Office Cat’s Diary – 04/01/13

Checking your Facebook gets noisier, going for a run gets safer and taking 3D pictures gets easier. Office Cat pads over to the ticker tape

Samsung NX300 announced

Patience is a virtue, but Samsung has no interest in being virtuous when it can jump the gun on CES by releasing a new camera – in this case the 20.3MP NX300. The successor to last year’s NX200 claims to be ‘the world’s first one-lens 3D system’ meaning it’s the only CSC to support 3D stills and video. Office Cat expects it’ll shoot before he presses the shutter button, too. Virtue is a grace, Samsung.

Facebook Messenger gets voice

Office Cat’s a bit confused. Facebook is regressing to the 1980s by building in a voicemail service to its Messenger app for iOS and Android. Apparently if he presses a paw to the ‘+’ button and hits record, he can now send a quick miaow to his nearest and dearest. Look out for Facebook Telegrams coming soon.

Basecase Blaze – perfect for a light jog

It must be the first week of January – how else to explain the profusion of runners on the streets. But woe betide the evening jogger, invisible as he pounds the pavement. The Basecase Blaze is an iPhone armband that uses LEDs to mark you out when you’re roaming in the gloaming. Sadly, as it’s a Kickstarter project, it won’t be available until long after your New Year’s resolve has been buried in a pile of old pizza delivery boxes. Ah well.

Source: Kickstarter

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