Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 03/12/12

Raspberry Pi hacks, plastic light bulbs and where to see The Hobbit in 48fps HFR – Office Cat goes on the prowl for news

Scientists make plastic fantastic light bulb

Dr David Carroll from Wake Forest University in North Carolina has developed a new type of light bulb. Wait, come back, Office Cat hasn't got to the good part yet. It's made of plastic and uses field-induced polymer electroluminescent technology to conjure up the golden glow of sunlight instead of the eerie blue tones that issue forth from fluorescent bulbs. As a creature of the great outdoors, Office Cat can't wait to get rid of the fluorescent strip lights in his office.

Source: BBC

CPC Raspberry Pi Hack Day winners are Spooky

Programming wizards gathered for the inaugural CPC Pi Hack, the first 24-hour Raspberry Pi hackathon. The overall winners, team Spooks, created an educational board game using the dinky computer; runners-up included a semaphore to Twitter converter, a Java game and a Wi-Fi controlled remote car with webcam. The lucky Spooks – made up of husband and wife Shi and Kriss Blanks, alongside Chris Armitage and Rebecca Brannum – netted themselves a tour of the Raspberry Pi factory.

Want to foresee the future? Office Cat's fellow Stuffer Will Dunn will be speaking at the TrendsPlus event tomorrow. TrendsPlus gathers together everyone from futurologists and behavioural scientists to advertising geniuses and tech-tastic visionaries to predict how demographic changes, technological innovation and economic shifts will change the future. Find out more here.

Vue will screen The Hobbit in 48fps HFR

The latest buzz-phrase that has film buffs talking is 48fps High Frame Rate technology – films shot and projected at twice the frame rate of current 24fps films.  HFR has its advocates and detractors, but one person who's very keen on it is Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, who has shot The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 48fps HFR. If you want to see it as the director intended, you'll have to seek out one of the 29 Vue cinemas that have just been kitted out with HFR projectors. For full details, head over to Office Cat, for one, is looking forward to having his keen feline eyeballs tickled by HFR tech.

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