Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 03/10/12

Run in zero-g, control your house with one remote, you can do anything when Office Cat has your back

Zero gravity running

Exercise using the same advanced machines that the England Football team have access to – including a zero gravity treadmill. That’s the kind of gym invite that raises Office Cat’s brows – that or one with a really classy bar.

In this case the St George’s Park training facility, previously only for pro athletes, is now open to the public. That means running on the NASA developed zero G treadmill, sub-aquatically on the under-water treadmill, or working in a simulated high altitude chamber. And its all done using top of the line biomechanical assessments. Interested? Head over to

Journey to (nearly) the centre of the earth

Office Cat maintains that digging is for waste management only. But in the case of humans trying to reach the earth’s mantle, 3.7 miles down, he’ll make an exception. The deepest dig of all time is planned for 2020 and will cost US$1bn.

The aim of the dig? To gather the first samples of the earth’s 3000km wide mantle, which stands between us and our planet's fiery core. The thinnest point to reach the mantle is through the sea – meaning that even the drill pipes are 10 miles long. Office Cat will believe it when he sees it.

Source: CNN

Control all the things

A certain feline loves to be in control. So when he heard about the Logitech Harmony Touch remote, which can command over 225,000 devices, he was smitten. The colour touchscreen remote can control TV, music, and gaming systems. Using easy access costomisable channel icons your favourite channels can be ordered right there in your hand, or paw. The painful part? It’ll cost £150 for the pleasure.

Office Cat fancies himself as a bit of a connoisseur, so this week he's heading off to the D.S.Dundee tailoring, coffee and whisky workshop. It's part of the Auchentoshan Presents events series, running throughout the month. Office Cat would say "bottoms up," but... well, his always is.

Clickety Dog

Office Cat may not be the biggest fan of canines, but even he can see the appeal of this iOS app. ClicketyDog lets you download your very own dog, which you can train using real-life methods with an on screen (or real) clicker. Great fun for kids – and a top way for adults to test out the idea of getting a dog.

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