Stuff Office Cat's Diary 02/10/12

Palm readers, the death of Ping, and iOS 6 Maps tips. Office Cat spoils us, and we know it

RIP Ping – we never used ye

You probably haven't noticed, but Apple has officially buried Ping for good with the latest iTunes update. How will you know what your friends are listening to now? Well, Office Cat recommends talking to them. You know, with your mouth. Or you can wait till the next version of iTunes, which will have Twitter and Facebook baked in directly. But seriously, try the talking thing. You might like it.

Source: Pocket-Lint


Fujitsu has demonstrated a prototype tablet which can be controlled by eyesight alone, thanks to a clever use of infrared LED technology and a camera setup which works out where the cursor should be placed. There's no word on Cat eye compatibility yet, but Office Cat is confident that his species will be accounted for, especially given the lack of opposable thumbs (which makes tablets hard enough to control as it is).

Source: TheVerge

A little trick to make iOS 6 Maps a little more bearable

If you find yourself out and about with an iPhone, then you'll probably be familiar with the eccentricity of Apple's latest Maps app. Office Cat likes this top tip – save yourself a little trouble and change the label size to 'small' in the settings. It won't put Sainsburys in the right place, but you'll at least see more road names on-screen to help find your way among the chaos.

Source: ElectricPig

Palm reading

Office Cat is impressed by KDDI's palm authentication app, which allows access to your device only after scanning your palm. He's waiting for the scaled-down version that'll cope with his paws.

Source: Engadget

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