Stuff Office Cat’s diary – 02/01/13

Office Cat rings in the new year with new Huawei smartphones and a 55in OLED TV

Hauwei ascends

Huawei's gunning for the high-end smartphone market with its new handsets – and the leaked appearance of a new 4in Windows 8 mobile with a 1.2GHz dual-core has Office Cat purring. Huawei's flagship Android device, the Ascend Mate, is expected to pack in a huge 6in 720p display, a 1.8GHz dual-core processor, 2GB RAM and 3800mAh battery. Welcome to the big leagues.

Source: TechRadar

OLED launches

At last the LG 55in OLED TV first seen at CES 2012 has gone on sale – but only in Korea. As if that wasn’t enough of an issue for a cat wanting a next gen TV it'll cost £6300. Office Cat’s waiting for a 4K OLED from CES 2013 next week – though not because this one's too pricey, of course.

Source: BBC

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