Stuff Office Cat's Diary – 01/08/12

Dinosaurs are coming and with electronic pills and gesture controls released too, Office Cat says the future is here

Science comes to the rescue once again, with these electronic pills that feed bodily data direct to your smartphone. The newly-FDA-approved Proteus digital pills are taken as a part of your normal medicine dosage. Then your stomach digests a microchip within those pills, which – in combination with a skin patch – triggers a signal to your phone (and your doctor) to say that the pill has been digested. No excuses for forgetting to take your pills, then. Plus the digestible microchip gives you a few extra minerals in your diet. Office Cat can imagine a future where all food is chipped, allowing us to keep track of our diets effortlessly. 

[Source: DVICE]

Electronic pills

Only yesterday Office Cat found a mouse with a fan to help with his sweaty-pawed gaming sessions – and now he can do away with the mouse altogether. Thanks to a new software update to the Kinect Toolbox on Kinect for Windows you can now use your hand gestures alone to control your cursor. Here’s hoping it works with paws too.

[Source: Engadget]

Control cursor with Kinect

This is the kind of news Office Cat likes to see, interior design that pays attention to the most important person in the house. This Korean-designed sofa incorporates a cat tunnel to save space and help owners spend more time with their feline friends. Here’s hoping designer Seungji Mun used scratch-resistant materials – Office Cat wouldn’t be able to resist this claw magnet.

[Source: Core77]

As you can imagine Office Cat has a lot of his buddies online sending him pictures of themselves, but he couldn't save them to his iPhone. So the news that Gmail on iOS allows him to save image attachments directly to the gallery has him purring away with satisfaction.

[Source: ITProPortal]

Cat Tunnel sofa

An Australian billionaire has vowed to create a real world dinosaur park. To a feline who's already far down the food chain, this doesn’t sound like a great idea – did he not see Jurassic Park? Nevertheless Clive Palmer is in talks with the scientists responsible for cloning Dolly the Sheep in the hopes he can unleash a T-Rex on Australia. Because apparently – despite all the black widow spiders and box jellyfish and sharks – it’s just not wild enough out there these days.

[Source: SunshineCoastDaily]

Gmail adds image downloads on iOS 

If Windows 8 proves to be as closed a system as is expected it’ll be a very bad thing for indie gaming, according to Minecraft creator Notch. This puts him in agreement with Valve and Blizzard, who've already raised concerns about Windows 8. And Office Cat, who loves the creativity of indie games. So, Steve Ballmer: keep your OS open and free for the sake of the gamers.

[Source: GamesIndustryBiz]


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